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Our Botanica Baby Powder features non-GMO Food Grade Arrowroot Powder infused with Kaolin Clay, Marshmallow Root, Yarrow Flowers, and Zinc Oxide to absorb wetness and relieve chafing and prickly heat. Arrowroot powder and Kaolin clay absorb moisture while Marshmallow Root, Yarrow Flowers, and Zinc Oxide decrease inflammation and create a protective barrier.  Our 100% talc-free, cornstarch-free, scent-free formula is safe to use on sensitive skin and diaper rash. Newborns and older.

5oz  |  Vegan-Friendly  |  Plastic-Free

Suggested Uses:

  • Apply at every diaper change to keep skin silky soft, dry, and protected.
  • Apply to neck creases and thighs to prevent chaffing and rash.
  • Apply before exercise onto areas that are prone to rub together causing a rash, and onto sweaty areas to keep them dry.
  • Can be used as a foot powder to absorb moisture.
  • Can be used to remove sand from the skin at the beach
  • Can be used to remove grease stains from clothes

Ingredients: Maranta (Arrowroot) arundinacea Food Grade Powder, Kaolin Clay, Althaea Officinalis (Marshmallow) Root*, Achillea millefolium (Yarrow) Flower*, Zinc Oxide * Organic Ingredient

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