Moon Goddess Sun Catcher

Moon Goddess Sun Catcher

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Triple Moon, representing the Maiden, Mother and Crone

as the waking, full and waning moon.

  • The Maiden represents enchantment, inception and the promise of new beginnings;
  • The Mother represents stability, power, fertility and giving;
  • The Crone represents wisdom, compassion and the culmination of a lifetime of experience;

Together they represent the cycle of life, birth, life and death.

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A very attractive, welcoming store! So great to support our own local artists and also enjoy the quality of their products.

Valerie W.

Laura is awesome! She's got a great store going and is always helpful and finds the right gift for the right occasion. The store is beautiful and i'm a huge fan of what they have done to promote local artists and make sure to try the awesome soaps!!

Shafin J.

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