Pacifier & Teether Clips

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These adorable, soft, practical baby accessories are made with 100% recycled cotton!

Keep baby’s pacifier, teether or toy close! 

The pacifier clips are natural, unfinished beech wood & are BPA, PVC, & Lead free.

Pacifier clips are approximately 9 inches in length, plus the beech wood clip.

String thickness & colour may sometimes vary ever so slightly from batch to batch - & therefore from order to order - due to the recycled nature of the cotton

Handmade in Harriston & Hanover, ON!

As with any baby accessory, this product should not be used without proper adult supervision. Never leave a minor unattended with a pacifier clip.

Please inspect carefully before every use. If knots come untied or cracks are found in the wood, discontinue use immediately.

Please see our macrame care instructions for information on cleaning and caring for any macrame product.

By purchasing this product the customer agrees that use and purchase of the product is entirely at the customer's own risk. Once our products have been sold and have left our care, Wild Knots Macrame shall not be responsible or liable in any way for product misuse and consequential damages.

Never use a pacifier clip without a pacifier or teether attached to the loop end. The loop is long enough to cause a baby to gag if they suck 
it in the back of their mouth.

To avoid any unnecessary rusting, please do not let sit in water during cleaning or use while swimming. Do not leave outside while not in use. Pat dry after washing.

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A very attractive, welcoming store! So great to support our own local artists and also enjoy the quality of their products.

Valerie W.

Laura is awesome! She's got a great store going and is always helpful and finds the right gift for the right occasion. The store is beautiful and i'm a huge fan of what they have done to promote local artists and make sure to try the awesome soaps!!

Shafin J.