Clarity Bracelet

Clarity Bracelet

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Larimar: The Stone of Peace and Clarity

Larimar is a powerful crystal that can aid in dissolving self-sabotaging behavior, reducing guilt, and eliminating fear. It also serves as a great meditation stone because it easily and effectively quiets the mind, fostering inner peace. Furthermore, Larimar promotes love and joy, allowing us to express unconditional love and opening up our hearts.

Jade: The Stone of Fortune

This stone has been utilized to enhance energy levels and purify the heart's energy. Its ability to eliminate distractions and improve focus can result in the removal of blockages for increased clarity in any situation.

Moonstone: The Stone of New Beginnings

Moonstone is a crystal that represents inner clarity and is a symbol of light and hope. It also encourages individuals to embrace new beginnings. In addition, Moonstone is known to balance and soothe emotions and tension. With its peaceful energy, Moonstone promotes creativity, restoration, and a sense of motherly protection.  Moonstone is also the birthstone for June.

  • 7mm Larimar rondelle beads
  • 6mm Jade beads
  • 5mm Moonstone rondelle beads
  • Silver embellishments
  • 7.5" wrist size

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