Lavender & White Sage Cleansing Stick (7.5")

Lavender & White Sage Cleansing Stick (7.5")

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Local, Organic

This organic *(pesticide/herbicide-free) white sage is sustainably grown and processed in Ontario. This sage is not as tightly bundled as most people are accustomed to; this allows for quicker burning. When the sage is burnt, it produces a herb scent that removes the toxic energy from your personal environment.

For Removing Toxic Energies From People, Objects, and Spaces

The clean and invigorating fragrance of a white sage smudge stick is believed to purify energies and ward off negativity from people, things, and environments.

The smoke arising from the burned plant attaches itself to negative energy. When the smoke exits through an opened window or door, it takes with it all negative energies making space for positive energies.

What Are the Benefits of Burning White Sage?

The practice of burning traditional plants and medicines helps remove negative energies from the mind, heart, body, soul, and space. Among the white sage benefits include leaving you feeling calmer, more focused, and more grounded, ready to grab life again by the horns.

Anytime is a perfect time to use white sage for smudging, especially when:

  • You’ve been around someone who’s sick, depressed, fearful, angry, or agitated
  • Praying
  • Meditating
  • You’re under so much stress

How To Use Your Herbs

Smudging with White Sage

  1. Light the end of the herb with a candle. Hold it in the flame until the stick is ablaze and a steady stream of smoke is produced.
  2. Using a feather or your hand, gently fan the smoke onto your body. Start smoking your head then move downwards. Include the back of your body, reaching behind as best you can.
  3. After smoking your whole body, breathe in a little smoke to cleanse your insides.
  4. To cleanse your space, hold the stick and walk counterclockwise around the room. Fan the smoke particularly on the corners of the room, where negative energies build up.
  5. Once done, crack open a door or window to release the old energy.
  6. After finishing the cleanse, place the burned white sage smudge stick in a bowl. Let it fade completely by itself.

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